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Explore the Earth from a fresh perspective - from the inside out. Introduce your family to different ores, metals and alloys and learn how they advance technology and fuel our growth. Use these engaging activities to explore the important role these geological treasures play in our daily lives.

Family Extensions

Engage your child in STEM related activities, suited for the whole family.

  • Copper In the Home [PDF] How much copper is in your household? Conduct a home survey to find out!
  • The Hunt for Copper [PDF] Take your family on a social scavenger hunt by searching for and taking pictures of different items which are made using copper! Post to Twitter or Instagram using the special hashtag #TheHunt4Copper!
  • Mine Your Future [PDF] Match your skills and interests to exciting opportunities in the mining industry to find out more.

Digital Explorations

Give students a deeper understanding of how STEM and analytical skills are used to solve real-world problems in today's mining industry, by using these unique and engaging digital explorations.


STEM Resources

Experts say almost all of the 30 fastest growing occupations in the next decade will require math and science proficiency and at least some higher education - trade and technical certifications or professional degrees - in STEM. Utilize these resources and programs to further success in the classroom and beyond.

Virtual Field Trip Archive

Inspire your students to explore metals in their everyday lives with an inside look into the world of mining and metal recovery.