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Give students a deeper understanding of how STEM and analytical skills are used to solve real-world problems in today's mining industry, by using these unique and engaging digital explorations.

High School

  • Dig Into Mining Careers Exploration

    Students will answer a series of questions about their preferences, interests, hobbies and skills to uncover a variety of in demand mining careers that match their responses. Use this interactive to help students discover future careers that they could excel at and enjoy!

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Middle School

  • Aim to Reclaim Virtual Lab

    In this virtual simulation, students will explore the reclamation process to discover how land is restored for a sustainable future. Observations and learnings about the different types of careers involved are introduced throughout the virtual lab. Decision points are built in to allow students to better understand the complexity of the reclamation process.

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  • Exploring Copper in Cars

    Bring students on a virtual tour of the ins and outs of electronic and hybrid vehicles to compare and contrast the amount of copper with a gas fuel vehicle. They’ll explore different parts of a vehicle to see the difference in manufacturing and both the amount and use of copper.

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  • From Ore to More Virtual Lab

    Take students through a virtual learning simulation where they will navigate three stages of copper processing and meet mining experts who describe their roles in the operations phase of mining, and share information about the equipment and processes used in each stage.

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  • Operations Exploration

    Students will be transported into a mine site to explore the different careers, technology and equipment used during the copper extraction, processing and refinement phases of mining.

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  • Dig a Little Deeper Virtual Lab

    Take an interactive look into modern-day mining with this authentic learning simulation focused on the exploration phase of hard rock mining.

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  • Metals in Your Everyday Life

    From seat belts to smartphones, transition metals play an important role in our daily lives. Check out how copper, gold and molybdenum are metals with mettle. With this interactive activitiy, you can explore Earth's natural resources and investigate the many ways you interact with metals every day.

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Virtual Field Trip Archive

Inspire your students to explore metals in their everyday lives with an inside look into the world of copper extraction.

Teacher Resources

Spark student engagement with these dynamic classroom tools designed to uncover how ores, metals and alloys advance technology and fuel growth.