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Give students a deeper understanding of how STEM and analytical skills combine with cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems in today's mining industry. Meet a diverse group of professionals who have carved out a career they love using passion and hard work.



Metallurgists have an extensive knowledge of metals and their properties, as well as the state-of-the-art technology used to transform raw metal for everyday use. Rebecca ensures the process runs safely, efficiently, and according to environmental standards.

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Mill Mechanic


Mill Mechanics are hands-on problem solvers who make sure that equipment and processes run smoothly at the mill. Ceci works to identify why necessary equipment is not working properly, and decides the best course of action and proper tools for repair.

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Data Scientist

Data Scientist


Data Scientists work across industries to analyze large sets of data, find patterns, and test hypotheses. Travis uses computer science skills to build visualizations of data that help his team to decipher the story being told by the information and complex sets of numbers.

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